President Message

An institution is not made by mere bricks & stone
but the strong character and integrity
it instill in its student Our mission is to provide valued learning experiences, which make a difference to the quality of human resources, and this we shall provide through operational excellence and support.
Culturally rich and grounded, at the same time progressive and ready to imbibe ‘newness’ describes our onward journey. Memories of those nascent beginnings still resound in every nook and cranny of our school. We are now foutreen years young and proudly walk on a path laid down by our stalwart protagonists. They dared to dream from a humble tent age and had the courage and resilience to fulfill the same. Overcoming all hurdles the dream materialized into a name to reckon with.
The Primary school was started in April, 1998 and holds classes from Nursery to V. The school is located in about four kilometre away from city. We are a family of approximately 1200 students and a staff of about 50 teachers & approximately 20 other support staff members.